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Published by Kmany Design

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    Portrait Wizard Portrait Wizard Portrait Wizard Portrait Wizard Portrait Wizard

How to Install

  1. Click on Portrait Wizard download button below.
  2. Choose 'Install' to install the game.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Let it Download Full Version game.
  5. Once a game is downloaded, use the Steam Client to play the game.


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Game Description

Portrait Wizard is a tool for creating custom hand-drawn like character portraits. You puzzle together your portrait by choosing from a wide selection of parts, and manipulate them to create your own unique custom portrait.

With Portrait Wizard you can easily create good looking character portraits.
Portrait Wizard is a tool you use to puzzle together a portrait with a wide selection of highquality parts, to create hand-drawn like portraits.
You will be able to manipulate the parts in various ways, so the variations are endless.

Color, size(also x/y), brightness, angle, and more can be changed, depending on the part.

For who is this software?
-It is a great tool for Indie Devs who need royalty free portraits for their games.
-Or as a tool for concepting characters before you deal with other artists.
-A tool for artists, who want to experiment with different character styles.
-For roleplayers and people who like to add their own portraits into games to enhance their gaming experience.
..or just for fun..

Portrait Wizard runs in Windows in a window at 1280 x 960, so make sure your screen has high enough resolution to run it.
The portrait is saved as a 830 x 957 Bitmap file(BMP), and can be cut and resized with the cutting tool included in the software(or with any external image editing program such as Photoshop or Clip Studio).
In addition to the picture file, the portrait is now also saved in an ini file, which can be loaded into the software, so that you can continue working on your portraits at a later time.

After the launch I will still work on the project, add more material and improve on existing assets.

Thank you for checking this out!

Portrait Wizard System Requirements

PC Requirements

  • OS: win7
  • Graphics: 1280 x 960 pixels

  • OS: Win 7 or better
  • Graphics: 1920×1080 pixels

MAC Requirements

No minimum requirements!!
No maximum requirements!!

Linux Requirements

No minimum requirements!!
No maximum requirements!!


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