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How to Download Ultra Engine

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Table of Contents:
1. Screenshots
2. Installing on Windows Pc
3. Installing on Linux
4. System Requirements
5. Game features
6. Reviews

Ultra Engine Screenshots

    Ultra Engine game for Linux 1 Ultra Engine game for windows Pc 1 Ultra Enginefor windows and Linux 1

How to Install Ultra Engine on Windows Pc

  1. Click on the Ultra Engine download button below.
  2. Choose "Install" to install the game on the windows steam client.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Let it download the Full Version.
  5. Once a game is downloaded, use the Windows Steam Client to play the game.

=== Download Game ====

Download for pc →

Guide: Installing Ultra Engine on Linux with Steam Proton

This guide describes how to use Steam Proton to play and run Windows games on your Linux computer. Some games may not work or may break because Steam Proton is still at a very early stage.

1. Activating Steam Proton for Linux:
Proton is integrated into the Steam Client with "Steam Play." To activate proton, go into your steam client and click on Steam in the upper right corner. Then click on settings to open a new window. From here, click on the Steam Play button at the bottom of the panel. Click "Enable Steam Play for Supported Titles."

Alternatively: Go to Steam > Settings > Steam Play and turn on the "Enable Steam Play for Supported Titles" option.

Valve has tested and fixed some Steam titles and you will now be able to play most of them. However, if you want to go further and play titles that even Valve hasn't tested, toggle the "Enable Steam Play for all titles" option.

2. Choose a version
You should use the Steam Proton version recommended by Steam: 3.7-8. This is the most stable version of Steam Proton at the moment.

3. Restart your Steam
After you have successfully activated Steam Proton, click "OK" and Steam will ask you to restart it for the changes to take effect. Restart it. Your computer will now play all of steam's whitelisted games seamlessly.

4. Launch Stardew Valley on Linux:
Before you can use Steam Proton, you must first download the Stardew Valley Windows game from Steam. When you download Stardew Valley for the first time, you will notice that the download size is slightly larger than the size of the game.
This happens because Steam will download your chosen Steam Proton version with this game as well. After the download is complete, simply click the "Play" button.

System Requirements

Windows Pc Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 or 11
  • Processor: Quad Core @2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GPU with support for Vulkan 1.3
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • VR Support: SteamVR
  • Additional Notes: Microsoft Visual Studio Code is required for Lua debugging.

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Linux Requirements



      Mac Requirements



          What is Ultra Engine? Features and Description

          Ultra Engine solves the VR performance problem with a revolutionary new Vulkan-based architecture that unlocks the full power of your GPU. Use Lua to build scalable VR simulations and 3D games that run up to 10x faster, with a developer-friendly royalty-free license.

          Have you ever tried to develop a game, only to have the framerate get slower and slower as you add more content and features? This is especially problematic in virtual reality because low framerates cause motion sickness and can make your game or experience unplayable. Ultra Engine is designed to achieve ultimate scalability and deliver blazingly fast performance as your game grows, with a revolutionary new Vulkan-based architecture that unlocks the full power of your GPU to deliver up to 10x faster performance.

          Code Games with Lua

          Ultra Engine provides an easy-to-learn programming API that can be used with Lua, integrated into Visual Studio Code. Documentation is extensive, with hundreds of code examples demonstrating how to use graphics, physics, raycasting, pathfinding, and other systems to build games and VR applications. Your game code runs on its own thread, so there's no performance penalty for using an interpreted language.

          Ultra Engine requires some programming to harness its full potential, and is best suited for intermediate and advanced developers.

          Royalty-Free License

          What you create is yours to play, sell, or give away. You will never be charged royalties or install fees for any application you make. And because we only rely on free open-source middleware libraries, you never have to worry about purchasing expensive licenses from third parties.


          • Vulkan graphics
          • Multi-display support
          • PBR materials
          • Load 3D models from glTF, OBJ, MDL, and FBX (using glTF converter)
          • Image loading, saving, processing
          • Forward renderer with uniform lighting model
          • Vertex, pixel, geometry, and tessellation shaders
          • Normal mapping with specular
          • Post-processing stack
          • Hardware tessellation
          • Environment probes
          • Instanced rendering
          • Real-time mesh modification


          • SteamVR integration with support for a variety of headsets
          • Fast stereoscopic rendering
          • Controller input and display
          • Attach objects to hand controllers and headset
          • Translation and rotation view offset

          Entity Component System

          • Multiple components per entity are supported
          • Save and load game states
          • Visual flowgraph connects component actions to create event sequences


          • Dynamically sculpt and paint terrain
          • Cut holes in terrain
          • Up to 256 material layers
          • Hardware tessellation


          • Animated skinned characters
          • Share skeletons across multiple characters
          • Attach objects to bones
          • Built-in animation transition and update system
          • Hardware skinning
          • Blend and transition animations


          • Fast and accurate asynchronous rigid body physics
          • Constraints including hinge, ball, kinematic, plane, and sliding joints
          • Motorized joints with limits
          • Generate physics shapes
          • Swept collision
          • Raycasting with lines or spheres


          • Navmesh pathfinding
          • Crowd avoidance and steering
          • Navigation areas visible in editor
          • Physics-based character controller
          • Automatic AI following


          • 3D sound spatialization
          • Head-related transfer function (HRTF)
          • Audio filters including distortion, flanging, echo, and EAX reverb effects
          • Emit a sound from any entity
          • Automatic channel management
          • Skip to any time in sound


          • Resolution-independent for any DPI
          • Extensible widgets system
          • Load SVG vector images
          • Set widget and item image
          • Change mouse cursor
          • Custom color schemes stored in JSON files


          • Basis Universal supercompressed texture support
          • FreeImage Texture Support for PNG, JPG, BMP, TGA, PSD, etc.
          • Wavefront OBJ model saving
          • ISPC Fast Texture Compression
          • Quake package, model, and texture loading


          • File I/O
          • File system watcher
          • Memory allocation and management
          • String manipulation (split, search, conversion, etc.)
          • Message boxes and file / folder requester
          • Plugin system

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